The First Post

“The beginning.  Well, beginnings are always beautiful.” ~ Diane, “The Little Dog Laughed”

Hello and a Happy New Year to you, dear reader!  Welcome to The Honestly Blog, my own slice of cyberspace.

preflight1I figure the crucial First Post (so crucial it necessitates capitalization) is the perfect time to explain what you have just gotten yourself into.  Chief among my New Year’s resolutions was to reconnect with my first love, writing.  I’ll still make time for my other loves: poorly planned adventures, amateur sports, and cheap wine among them.  After all, without them, what would I have to write about?  Anyway, the thing is (or “things are”) that I enjoy writing, I think I’m pretty good at it, and I don’t do it nearly enough these days.  So I’ve decided to take this resolution public; partly because  people have told me that they enjoy whatever twisted thoughts tumble from my oversize cranium and onto the page, and partly because my Type A personality will simply not allow me to slack off on a venture in which my progress can be so plainly judged.

As you’d expect from a Type A personality, I now offer you a succinct list of what you can expect to find here at The Honestly Blog:

  • Tales of adventure
  • Commentary on current events
  • Film, television, and theater reviews
  • Amusing videos, songs, and images
  • Assorted and sporadic braindroppings

There’s a lot I’m hoping to accomplish with this blog.  I want to write regularly.  I want to keep a record of my thoughts and experiences in the coming year.  I want to keep you entertained.  I’m not sure which of these is the prime objective, but I think they are all connected.  I realize the latter one is most important to you, and I promise that I’ll do my best to keep you amused.

So, if we’re all  on the same page here, let’s begin…

~ T


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