What I’m Reading: “Caesar: Life of A Colossus” by Adrian Goldsworthy

In addition to making New Year’s resolutions about writing, I made some about reading.  Arithmetic, however, is not part of the equation.  And that’s four points to me for making the lame pun.

I have two goals for my literary intake in 2009.  First, I am going to make sure I read at least one chapter a day of whatever it is I’ve got my mitts on at the time.  Second, I am determined to read more non-fiction this year.  In the two and a half years since I graduated college, I’ve picked up over a dozen non-fiction works, and completed only two or three of them.  Embarrassing.  It was almost like I was forgetting how to read non-fiction.  I swore I could feel tiny parts of my brain shutting down, effectively becoming stupider.  So, before I transform before your very eyes into some overall-wearing, cud-chewing yokel whose eyes are set disturbingly close together, I’m hitting the books.

Since I’m a history dork, and a glutton for punishment, I’m starting my mission with Adrian Goldsworthy’s “Caesar: Life of A Colossus”.  It’s a 500-plus page tome about the life and times of that most famous Roman standard-bearer, toga-wearer, and constitution-tearer.  Once I finish, I’ll be sure to post a review.


~ T


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