What’s In A Name?

A quick but important post for you, dear reader(s).

Why is my blog called The Honestly Blog?  The word “honestly” has become my most favored way to express shock, dismay, disappointment, frustration, rage, and general unhappiness.  I credit its introduction to my lexicon to one of my most treasured partners in crime, Jess Stone, whom I have known since my first summer at sleep-away camp some thirteen years ago.

For the sake of your amusement, and some continuity, every Friday (or Saturday, if I’m running late) I will post an Honestly of the Week.  These entries will be nothing more and nothing less than a digitial bitch slap directed at the person, group, or thing that has done the most to piss me off in the seven days that just passed.

Let the record show that a more positive outlook on things was never on my list of New Year’s resolutions.

~ T


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