TV Time: “Ugly Betty” – Duress for Success

Beware!  Thou wildst be spoiled!

Oh, Ugly Betty.  How I missed you.  And how effortlessly you remind me that you’re possibly the best thing on TV.  The writing, the performances, the camera work, the editing, the costuming–all top notch.  You still make me laugh out loud and you still manage to throw me major surprises.


No surprise was bigger than Wilhelmina and Daniel calling a truce in an attempt to jump-start their respective love lives; except perhaps for the outcome of their not-really-a-scheme scheme.  Is Connor really attracted to Wilhelmina, or was this just one night of desparation?  And what will he do when he finds out that Molly is shacking up with Daniel?  What I love about this unexpected love square is that it has made Daniel interesting for the first time since Alexis took off for France with D.J.  How is he going to react when he starts to realize that he worked with Wilhelmina to consciously sabotage the engagement of his best friend?

...or enemies?
...or enemies?

As for Betty herself, she was once again having to choose between her obligations at the office and at home.  This has been a constant theme on the show, but the writers are upping the stakes each time they revisit it.  Hilda was becoming openly resentful of Betty’s priorities, and now it looks like the Suarez clan is in for serious trouble with Ignacio in the hospital.

Balance has been the key to the show’s success, so for all the ugliness at home, the writers spent equal time putting Betty in some outrageous comic situations.  Stealing the Halston dress from the Elle closet was great, and I thought the entire networking scene was especially hilarious (perhaps because I’m willingly enrolled in such an event this coming Thursday–yes, I’ll be missing Betty again!).

Still curious how the other subplots of the season (and there are many) are going to be resolved.  Is Christina’s husband still lingering in New York?  Is Alexis still the chairwoman of Meade even though she’s a fugitive?  Whatever happened to Hilda’s helpful councilman, Archie Rodriguez?  And just what’s going to happen when bouncing baby Slater arrives?  That’s the great thing about Ugly Betty: it always keeps me wanting more.

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