TV Time: “B&S” – Ladies’ Night

Avert your eyes!

Well, Brothers & Sisters got back on the right foot last night.  This was largely a transitional episode, setting up the second half of the season.  Episodes like this always intrigue me, and the B&S team usually does them well.  Let’s hope that now that they’re in the starting position, the final lap of the season is filled with some interesting hurdles.

The best thing about last night’s episode was that it showcased the wonderfully talent women of B&S.  Much of the action centered on

She's Australian, so is it really any surprise she's so awesome?
She's Australian, so is it really any surprise she's so awesome?

Sarah, as her new business venture teetered on the edge of bankruptcy.  Rachel Griffiths is a superb actress, and the attention given to her character was well deserved.  It was a real treat seeing what the family thinks of her when compared with what she thinks they think of her.

Calista Flockhart continues to surprise me on the show.  Lately, she’s been playing Kitty as someone increasingly overwhelmed by her own success, which would seem out of character were it not for everything that transpired with Robert’s campaign.  Her first priority now is motherhood, and it seems like she’s finally starting to admit that to herself.  Now if only she would admit it to her husband.  More on that later.

Sally Field was at her best when interacting with her fictional brood, particularly with the aforementioned Walker daughters.  No one can do maternal wisdom like Sally Field.  I found her scenes with Roger less interesting, but that’s just because I think that the character of Roger is awful, and I cringe knowing that a possible romance is on the horizon.

Patricia Wettig was back and great as always.  I never understand all the business jargon she tosses around, but she delivers it so convincingly.  Holly’s obvious smarts make me a little dubious about Tommy actually being able to pull the wool over her eyes with his scheming.

Speaking of Tommy, let’s get right to the bottom of what didn’t work with last night’s episode: the guys!  All of the men of the Walker clan came off looking like a bunch of jerks!  Some of it, understandably, is intentional.  This is certainly the case with Tommy, who now fashions himself the Iago of Ojai Foods.  He’s decided to start using poor daft Rebecca as part of his plan to win back the company.  When he gave her that wide smile after their chat about purchasing more orchards, I could practically see the slime dripping from the corners of his mouth.

Also intentional was the development that Robert plans to run for governor of California next year.  Yeah, clearly this guy doesn’t like losing; so much so that he’s going to keep it secret from his wife, who he knows will disapprove due to the impending arrival of their baby.  He also wants his communications director and brother-in-law Kevin to keep it secret, too.  He did an awful lot of yelling to prove his point.  It’s clear that for Senator Scrooge, his career is always going to come first.  I predict he and Kitty will be separated by season’s end, baby or not.

"Whoops!  Must have left my spine in my other suit."
"Whoops! Must have left my spine in my other suit."

Kevin’s failures last night were not intentional.  It was just sloppy writing.  Having him at Robert’s side is a big mistake that never gets better.  For one thing, Kevin doesn’t have any views or positions in common with Robert.  I know he claimed he wanted to accept the challenge and make a difference, but we’ve yet to see him take a stand.  Instead, he stands around like a wet noodle and gets abused by Robert, particularly last night.  Kevin may have his lost his taste for corporate law, but the guy was good at what he did.  Aren’t there be other jobs out there for him?  Also, there’s no way that Kevin would ever side with Robert over Kitty, so the idea that he’s going to keep Robert’s candidacy a secret until it’s too late is preposterous.  If this is just setting the stage for a big Kitty-Kevin blow-out, it’s going to feel just as cheap when it happens as it does imagined in my head right now.

The only guy who wasn’t a royal pain in the ass was Justin, who after being so entertaining last week, apparently spent the entirety of this week’s installment looking for a whisk.

Not wild about next week’s promos.  Here’s hoping they surprise me.

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