The Musical Mayor

This post will be the first in the I’m So Hood series; posts which will be all about my newfound home in Jersey City.  Expect interesting pictures, curious news stories, and other such local amusements.

I thought this story would be apropos, considering that a certain juggernaut of a talent competition returns to the tube tonight (though yours truly refuses to partake)…

The New Jersey section of Sunday’s New York Times alerted me to something that I was not aware of.  Apparently, Jerramiah T. Healy, Mayor of Jersey City, is a prolific singer.  According to the Times, Mayor Healy took a portion of his “Healy for Mayor, 2009” funds and used them to produce and release a CD of himself singing holiday standards.  This goes beyond being a simple personal pet project; Mayor Healy was interviewed and performed on a California radio morning show, and talked about his musical stylings, among other things, on Good Day, New York.

And what does everyone else in City Hall think of His Honor’s prodiguous talents?  Thus spake the Times:

Asked to describe Mr. Healy’s style, Mr. Gaughan teased, “He thinks he’s Frank Sinatra.”  Thomas A. DeGise, Hudson County’s executive, chimed in, “He’s a better than average bar mitzvah singer.”

Ouch.  Guess a free pass on your karaoke skills isn’t one of the perks of the mayor’s office.

The last thing that cracked me up was this:

Mr. Healy began singing as a child, when his parents would make him and his four siblings perform songs like “Who’s Sorry Now,” at family gatherings.

I don’t know how that song goes, but I can only imagine.

So, does the fact that my mayor so seriously considers himself a latter day Rat Pack crooner that he has gone to the preposterous lengths of giving away 10,000 copies of his self-made debut album bother me?  Hardly.  All I have to say is, “Sing out, Jerramiah!”

One contestant you won't see this season
One contestant you won't see this season

~ T


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