A Self-Made Man

I figured it made sense on Inauguration Eve, just before the Dawn of Hope, to share a tale of shameless, self-serving, political opportunism.

Last Tuesday, the Tennessee state legislature convened for the first time since November 4.  Republicans had won a one seat majority in the 99 member General Assembly.  This was no small accomplishment.  The last time the Republicans in Tennessee held the majority was 1869.  So, needless to say, they were excited.  They showed up for work on Tuesday all set to nominate one of their own, Jason Mumpower, for the position of Speaker of the Assembly.  All 50 of them were in agreement that J-Mum was the guy for the job.

Or so it seemed.

When there was a call for other nominees, the Republicans got a surprise when Democrat Gary Odom stood up and nominated Republican Kent Williams.  This was certainly a twist, but it wasn’t against the rules.  So, a vote was called: Mumpower or Williams.  The 49 Democrats voted for Mr. Williams.  49 of the 50 Republicans voted for Mr. Mumpower.  The one vote left to be cast?  Mr. Williams’ vote.

Oh, yes.  This story ends exactly how you think it does.

Kent Williams voted for himself and thus made himself the Speaker of the Assembly.  Democrats stood and applauded.  The Republicans who weren’t sitting slack-jawed in astonishment loudly booed and jeered him.  When addressing the cacophonous crowd, Williams said,  “I don’t consider myself a traitor.  I voted for a Republican, a Republican who can lead.”

Mr. Williams then pulled his cowl over his head, cackled maniacally, and electrocuted the dissenting members of the Assembly with his bare hands.

The original article from The Tennessean can be found here.

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