TV Time: “B&S” – Now it’s really Ladies’ Night

Another Sunday night, another wonderful hour from the women of Brothers & Sisters.  If it weren’t for the fact that Nora has three sons and two straight daughters, I’d be worried that the male element on the show would be phased out completely before too long.  Not that I would complain;  for the second week in a row, the ladies bested the men, with Sally Field and Rachel Griffiths turning in top-notch performances.

"No!  Now it's YOUR turn to be awesome!"
"No! Now it's YOUR turn to be awesome!"

Sarah was by and large the focus of the hour, and that’s perfect for me.  Rachel Griffiths is outstanding, and boy, did she have some great material to work with this week.  Butting heads with her daughter, arguing with Nora, and succumbing (briefly) to the advances of dorky yet sincere Ethan–which, by the way, I sort of predicted from the minute they introduced those characters.  I just always thought it would be Kyle she hooked up with.

Kyle, however, almost entered skankdom last night.  I think he was pretty blatantly hitting on Rebecca, but he never took advantage of the chances he had–and oh what chances they were!  Bitter, beautiful girl alone in the honeymoon suite with her boyfriend nowhere in sight?  Come on!  Kyle, respectfully, left Rebecca alone…but not before telling her that Justin was a jerk.

As for Rebecca, this was some of the finest acting I’ve seen from Emily VanCamp all season.  Just like Justin, Rebecca turns out to be far more interesting when she’s on her own.  Now that doesn’t mean that I want Justin and Rebecca to break up.  Despite their lame joint plots of late, I do enjoy the couple…which is odd, since it was only last season that we (and they) thought they were siblings.  Unfortunately, it looks like it may be Splitsville for the two of them.  I’ll be surprised if Kyle doesn’t pursue Rebecca, and I can’t imagine that Justin’s new sponsee Chelsea was a one-episode throw-away.

Speaking of things that should be thrown away, let’s talk about Rob Lowe’s character.  As much as I enjoy him as an actor, I have grown to passionately hate the character of Robert.  First, he’s a selfish megalomaniac who is clearly going to chase success until he dies, and in doing so will largely disappoint Kitty.  Second, he has cheapened, ruined, and neutered the character of Kevin to such a point that I wince whenever the two of them appear on screen together.

"Scotty?  Listen, I need you to get in a car accident or something so I can have a better character arc.  That cool with you?"
"Scotty? Listen, I need you to get in a car accident or something so I can have a better character arc. That cool with you?"

Last night was another installment of “Kevin the Piss Boy”, as Senator Scrooge took his gay liberal Democrat brother-in-law quail hunting with some humorless state Republican big wigs.  The now predictable series of events ensued: Kevin got pissed on, Kevin finally stood up for himself, Robert screamed at Kevin for having a sense of personal dignity, Kevin apologizes and worms his way back to the hole he now lives in.  Please, writers of B&S, I am begging you: end this plot!  Get Kevin fired, have Robert implicated in some scandal, declare an end to democratic elections in the state of California– I don’t care!  Just stop it, please, and give us our smart, proud, confident, complicated, endearing Kevin back.

Also on the Shit List is Roger, who is now officially dating Nora.  I would be more upset with this if Sally Field hadn’t done such a great job in all of her scenes.  Nora is a hilarious drunk.  You’d think having a winery in the family would have given her a higher tolerance, but no.  In any event, she was great and made this budding relationship believable, which I guess is the only reason I can stand it.  I just hope it isn’t too permanent.

Another three weeks before the next episode.  Not sure I can wait that long.

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