Honestly of the Week: 1-23-09

For the past week, the major department stores in New York City (and likely elsewhere) have been giving away make-up.  I’m not sure why.  Something about a class action lawsuit.

I understand that free = good, particularly when the economy sucks, but the sight of the line snaking from the 6th Avenue side of Macy’s across 34th Street all the way to 7th Avenue each day this week made me just want to hurl.  Honestly.  You need free make-up so badly that you’re going to stand outside in midtown Manhattan in January during afternoon rush hour?  What, was it packaged in diamond-encrusted compacts?  Was the lipstick made with liquid gold?  Was Carmindy from What Not to Wear personally applying it for you?  Honestly.

And who are all these people who constitute a line two-tenths of a mile long on four separate days?  I fought my way past these cosmetic-crazed lemmings each day this week on my way home.  I heard a staffer from Macy’s, positioned closer to 7th Avenue than 6th, tell the crowd that from where they stood, it would be two and a half hours before they even got into the store.  You know what, people?  Maybe if you went to work instead of standing outside like a bunch of retarded tree stumps you could afford to buy make-up instead of waiting for it to rain down from the sky.

Honestly, people waiting for free make-up.  Honestly.

~ T


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