TV Time: “Ugly Betty” – Affairs of the Heart

Tough times for the Ugly Betty gang this past week.  Daniel’s private romance with Molly may go disastrously public, Wilhelmina proved that not even a hot man can thaw the ice in her veins, and Betty and Hilda finally had the blow-out that’s been building for weeks.  Not even Fashion TV correspondent Suzuki St. Pierre emerged unscathed!

Quick!  Give her an Emmy before she scalps the rest of the "Housewives"
Quick! Give her an Emmy before she scalps the rest of the "Housewives"!

Thursday’s episode, “Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown”, gave Ana Ortiz plenty of opportunity to show that she deserves a Supporting Actress Emmy and continued screen time on the show.  She and America Ferrera are quite convincing as sisters, none more so than when they’re fighting.  As much as I’m always on Betty’s side, Hilda did make an awful lot of sense when she took Betty to task for being aloof when she’s at work and a micromanaging pain in the ass when she’s at home.  Betty maturely replied that at least she is shirking her responsibilities for work, unlike when Hilda ditched the family during Mrs. Suarez’s illness to get knocked up by Santos.  Ouch.  Like I said, believable sisterhood.

On the unbelievable side, let’s talk about Wilhelmina’s libido.  Molly and Daniel may have a chaste puppy love thing going on, but Connor and Willie are clearly taking a cue from the rabbits.  Is there a room in the Mode offices they haven’t boffed in yet?  I like that they’re finally giving Wilhelmina a bit of a weakness, and I like even more that Marc can clearly see it.  He tried to protect Willie this week, but after the way she treated him, I’m wondering if he’s going to exploit that weakness before too long.

The only thing that didn’t quite work for me this episode was the subplot with Daniel’s vacation photos and Suzuki.  It was a hilarious idea–fabulous fashionista Suzuki St. Pierre is merely the professional alter ego of comely Jersey dad and soccer coach Byron Wu–but played out a bit too long, especially considering that Daniel and Molly’s relationship may become public knowledge as early as next episode anyway.

"Now let's see...  I think I still work here.  Right?"
"Now let's see... I think I still work here. Right?"

The Betty writers are pretty good about not letting things fall by the wayside (we even got an update on Alexis and D.J. from Mrs. Meade this week), but I’m clamoring to see Christina again.  How long until the baby comes?  And with rumors that Ashley Jensen is going to be leaving the show after this season, I’m curious to see how that gets resolved.  Please, Betty team, don’t make me wait until the end of the season!  Besides, just how long has she been pregnant anyway?

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