TV Time: “The Office” – Hot or Not?

I should have known that I wasn’t going to like this episode of The Office when they had Dwight two stories high on a telephone pole before the opening credits.

You can be a shark, Michael.  Just don't jump one.
You can be a shark, Michael. Just don't jump one.

It seems like it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the writers of The Office to keep things within the boundaries of the show.  For four seasons they’ve mined the mundane happenings of a very specific world for great laughs.  I’m starting think that maybe the mine needs to be shut down.  This wasn’t as bad as some of the more outlandish episodes (“Michael Buys An Elephant” episodes, as my own office-mate Chris calls them), but the fact that every character but two spent the entire half-hour engaged in a debate over Hilary Swank’s hotness was a warning sign to me.  That’s the best they could do with these characters, particularly in light of last week’s developments?

At least one plot thread was continued: Michael’s unexpected prominence among Dunder Mifflin managers.  Wallace sending Michael off to undermine Prince Family Paper yielded the expected comic turn-around, but nothing more.  Not even the frantic chase through the office building felt satisfying, not after Michael finally realized that he had to do what was asked of him and essentially doomed the folksy family business by sending their client list to Wallace.  I expect this story to continue.  Will Michael finally take a stand?

Final Thought: Was Jim practically seducing Kevin in the guise of Hilary Swank the most uncomfortable moment of the season, or was it just me?

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