On the ‘Net: LuPWNed!

While the Internet may have contributed to the decline of the written English language, it has certainly birthed a world-wide artistic renaissance of new media.  Take, for instance, the outstanding clip below.

At her penultimate performance of Gypsy, Broadway legend Patti LuPone stopped the show in the midst of her roof-rattling 11 o’clock number to call out an audience member who was taking pictures.  Somehow, audio of the entire tirade was obtained and quickly swirled around the ‘net.  It wasn’t long before inspiration struck someone with more time and talent on their hands than I, who gave us this:

The video is twice as funny for me, being an Ugly Betty fan.  It immediately made me think of the classic moment below:

The fact that Patti was on Ugly Betty in Season 1 as Marc’s mom makes the whole thing even more meta-fabulous.

Let it never be said that I don’t appreciate technology.

~ T


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