TV Time: “B&S” – Oh, Baby

What I like about Brothers & Sisters is that an awful lot happens each season, and that is because the myriad subplots are managed so efficiently.  In last night’s episode, we saw some stories ending, others just beginning, and still more resurfacing from weeks of dormancy.

The biggest story to end is Nora’s fling with Roger.  Go ahead, set off your fireworks.  When Nora discovered the pompous twit was married, I looked for a field of sunflowers to go skipping in.  The whole open relationship story was preposterous, and I think Nora even momentarily entertaining the idea was just to give her hilarious scenes with the other Walkers, and one particularly icy scene with Holly.  I never mind seeing either of those.  You know what else I don’t mind?  Roger being gone!  Yay!

Why do the gays have to sit in the fireplace?  What are you trying to say?
Why do the gays have to sit in the fireplace? What are you trying to say?

In new beginnings, we were introduced to Saul’s boyfriend, Henry.  Henry had the distinct pleasure of first meeting the Walker women (and Walker gays) at Kitty’s baby shower, which was the typical family shit show.  Most of the drama was brought on by Kitty becoming overwhelmed with the reality of impending motherhood.  She started to understand that maybe she wouldn’t be able to start a new department at a prestigious university while breastfeeding.  This whole development was fascinating to watch.  I  know I’ve come down hard on Senator Scrooge in the past (who was largely absent from last night’s installment), but it looks like Kitty is every bit the rabid taskmaster that he is.  Perhaps that’s why they go so well together.  I just pity this child, who is probably going to spend most of his/her early days with a gaggle of nannies or Grandma Nora.

Resurfacing last night was Tommy’s evil scheme to snatch Ojai back from Holly, which was not as interesting as it could have been since 1) I found Rebecca’s ability to put the pieces together a little hard to believe, and 2) I didn’t remember what the scheme was in the first place.  Somehow, magically, she’s on to him and after not getting any support from Justin (whose skanky sponsee planted one on him in full view of Rebecca), she took off to New York to seek the wisdom of her deadbeat dad, David.  Like I said, does this girl strike you as a bona fide Nancy Drew?

Finally, we got the long-awaited reavel of Ryan Lafferty, the true illegitimate Walker.  Apparently, he’s that emo kid from Twilight that everyone was wetting their pants over last year.  He worked up the nerve to call Nora and wants to meet her.  So, tune in next week obviously.

"We're the only non-Walkers here.  Help us!"
"We're the only non-Walkers here. Help us!"

So, what’s going to happen?  Will David advise Rebecca to warn Holly or mind her own business?  Will Kitty tear Robert’s balls off now that she knows he wants to run for governor?  Will Justin find himself in a Fatal Attraction scenario with Chelsea?  Will Kevin go emasculation-free for a second week in a row?  Will Sarah continue to be so awesome it hurts?  Will they possibly add even more characters to this already overflowing show?  We’ll see.

~ T


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