We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Profuse apologies, dear readers, for the lack of new material on the blog this past week.  Is it any consolation if I tell you that the reason I had no time to post was because I was out having numerous adventures, all of which I will diligently recap for you here this week?

First, a note about my TV posts.  I fell quite a bit behind on The Office, and even though I’ve caught up, I’m not going to waste any more time going over episodes that are now almost three weeks old.  The same goes for this week’s Brothers & Sisters, and even last week’s Ugly Betty (which I did see, however, and thoroughly enjoyed).  I promise to be more prompt with my thoughts in the future.

So, please accept my apologies and stick with The Honestly Blog.  I’m going to more than make up for it this week.  I’ve got stories involving Broadway stars, a clumsy waitress, and a road trip across Pennsylvania; plus, a new Office and Betty to discuss; and an Honestly of the Week that is so crushing it has taken two weeks to prepare.

~ T


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