TV Time: “Ugly Betty” – New Arrivals

An interesting week on Ugly Betty, one in which my most persistent plea was answered and some new developments left me completely puzzled.

I liked that this week we got to see the worst of the Sisters Suarez.  Hilda was still carrying on her one woman crusade against Elena, and Betty made no effort to conceal her utter disinterest in YETI classmate Matt.  Betty eventually wised up, as she almost always does, and saw that there may be things she can learn from Matt after all.  I don’t doubt that, but as a new potential love interest, he leaves something to be desired.  And as if they were reading my mind, the writers finally did away with Bitchy Hilda and got her and Elena to reconcile over their love of free champagne and stirrup pants.  How authentically Queens!

Vanessa Williams had some outstanding moments this episode, as Wilhelmina discovered that her influence in the fashion world has been waning.  Her attempts to get herself back in the limelight–and her final, heavenly success–were riotous.  That final scene on the Mode catwalk was Betty at its campy best.

I didn’t quite buy Willie’s assertion that because she’s seizing control of her personal life she’s losing grip on her professional one.  She’s been working just as hard as she was before she snagged Connor.  Although maybe this idea was just a hint of what’s coming now that the Slater spawn is here.

The other thing I didn’t buy was Betty first realizing three years after starting her job at Mode that fashion isn’t shallow and focused solely on profit and status.  Betty’s a smart girl, and a creative one at that.  Wouldn’t she have seen, if not immediately appreciated, the artistry behind it all long ago?  Her epiphany fit the theme and story of the week, but I’m not sure it fit the character.

So, is Elena here to stay?  What’s going to happen to Christina now that the baby is here and actress Ashley Jensen is supposedly leaving the show?  What’s the damn baby’s name, anyway?  And the biggest mystery of all: what was Molly doing crying at that doctor’s office?

~ T


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