TV Time: “B&S” – Sexual Segregation

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Sunday’s Brothers & Sisters was how much more I enjoyed all the Walkers when they were separated by gender.

I have a hard time believing any of these characters, except maybe Justin, know how to surf.
I have a hard time believing any of these characters, except maybe Justin, know how to surf.

Sending the boys off to Baja for a passive-aggressive surfing weekend showed me Tommy’s redeemable qualities for the first time in months.  Of course, we’ll see how much redemption can be had once the law catches up with him.  There was something unnervingly wistful about Tommy’s remembrance of his free-spirited classmate.  Something dangerously resigned.  Anyone else think that Tommy may just walk off into the surf and never return?  That’d be harsh.

I was glad that Justin finally had some continued plot development.  Yes, he’s serious about med school, and yes, he is serious about getting Rebecca back.  As much as I couldn’t stand her sniffly wallowing this episode, I would like to see them back together…eventually.  I don’t want it to be easy.  With Holly still on the warpath, and creeptacular Walker wannabe Ryan turning up on Rebecca’s doorstep every other day, I don’t think it will be.

Kitty got the most focus of the Walker women (though Sarah was painfully awesome yet again).  The hints keep being dropped that she’s going to leave Robert, but it’s not happening quick enough for me.  While she hid out at Nora’s, frazzled Kitty found out that she didn’t need a shower or sleep; she just needed to play the pundit once more.  Her playful debate with Ryan in the kitchen was the first and only time I’ve ever enjoyed Ryan’s presence on the show.  Too bad it was ruined by him getting all weirded out with the mommy talk and rushing off to tell Rebecca that he thinks his mother may have killed herself and that William Walker is somehow to blame.

Oh, please.  How exactly is this going to work out?  William dumped her, so she purposefully wrapped her car around a telephone pole?  Or what, we learn that in addition to being a white collar criminal and a serial adulterer, William was a murderer, too?  Give me a break.  Look, I said this episode reminded me why I love each and every one of the Walkers.  Ryan is only half a Walker, and I can’t even like 50% of him.  Somebody write this kid out of the show.  I’ve had enough of his glassy-eyed glaze and so-pale-it’s-almost-iridescent complexion.  No wonder he spent the hour with the women; each week, he spends more and more time pouting and bitching.  There are enough psychoses in this family, Ryan.  Share yours with one that needs them.

So, how long will Tommy be on the lam?  Will Senator Scrooge intervene to extradite the wayward Walker from Mexico?  Is Holly jumping for joy somewhere?  Will Rebecca’s chipmunk cheeks disappear as soon as she stops crying?  Are Kevin and Scotty ever going to manage to keep one of their, um, “appointments”?  And will Nora get back to the far more interesting untapped storytelling potential of her charity center?  Tune in next week!

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