What I’m Reading: “Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi” Collection

After the dry but enlightening tome of Caesar, I’ve decided to spend my free time reading something a little less demanding.

I have half of a shelf in my bookcase set aside for Star Wars material.  Rather than reread one of the old novels, I reached for some of the comic collections that I had long ago purchased but never cracked open.  At press time, I’m already more than halfway through Volume 1 of the Tales of the Jedi collection from Dark Horse comics.  These stories are the ancient lore of the Star Wars universe.  The action is set thousands of years before the name Skywalker was ever uttered.

It isn’t totally breezy reading.  There is one inherent challenge for me in reading the comics.  I’m a very literal person.  I’m word-oriented.  So I almost have to remind myself to take a look at the pictures, to see how the artists depict the action, rather than simply reading the dialogue and narration and turning the page.

At this rate, I expect to be well into Volume 2 by the end of the week.  As always, reviews will follow.


~ T


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