TV Time: “B&S” – Splitsville

Well, it’s a good thing Brothers & Sisters is going on hiatus.  I’ve had just about all I can stand of the Walker clan.  This week’s episode was a new low.  Apparently, some off-screen lobotomies were served up, because there’s no other way to explain the stupidity that flourished last night.

Nora decided that she had to do everything in her power to get the Ojai board to drop the case against fugitive Tommy.  Funny, because she seemed pretty resolute in her decision last week to let him swing.  She gave Saul some awful tripe about hope in the fact of defeat on the eve of her cancer center opening, and convinced him to help her sway the board.  So, if you embezzle money from your company and forge fradulent deals, all you need is a note from your mother to get out of it?

Sarah was helping, too, because she decided that it made great sense to leave her incredibly exciting, challenging, and financially and emotionally rewarding job at Greenatopia to go back to the quagmire of horrible memories that is Ojai Foods.  Sure, if I were her, I’d love to trade in the adoration and respect of two young colleagues for the icy stares and terse bitchery of Holly Harper.  Newly installed as president of the company in Tommy’s (illegal) absence, she told the board to drop the case.  And who championed her cause?  Holly!  Because that made perfect sense for the narrative and for the character.  In one lame scene, all the tension that had been building for half a season disappated like a weak fart.

The marriage of Kitty and Scrooge continued its slow, fiery spiral down to Earth.  He freaked about how Tommy’s case could taint his campaign, and then turned the cancer center opening into his own private press conference.  He then almost died again.  Well, that’s karma, bitch.  Thankfully, the writers introduced that chatty widower, so I think it’s clear he and Kitty will be swapping more than just burping tips before the season is out.  Final note about this plot thread: When your characters acknowledge that they’ve been having the same conversation week after week, it means you need to write something new.

Finally, the most unwelcome developments of the week concerned Justin, Rebecca, and Ryan.  Rebecca had to be written as an asbolute simpleton for this plot to move forward, and Emily VanCamp is just infuriating when she’s playing dumb.  Ryan went all The Hand That Rocks the Cradle on the two of them, pitting them against each other by egging Justin on and telling Rebecca that Justin lied to her.  A regular Iago, this kid is.  Ryan then convinced Rebecca to break into Ojai’s archives so they could rummage through all of William’s expense reports.  They discovered that William had been in Reno with Ryan’s mother the day before she died in a car accident…which must mean that William killed her!  Obviously!  Or at least that’s what Psycho McPaley believes.  This required more leaps of faith than a hop-scotching nun to believe.

Here’s hoping that when the show returns, it brings its brains back with it.

Die, vampire, die!
Die, vampire, die!

~ T


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