Obama Yo’ Mama!

On Tuesday night, President Obama gave another primetime press conference, this time to address the economic situation, particularly “bailout backlash” as it’s being called.

I didn’t watch the presser live, but I thoroughly enjoyed this clip.  CNN’s Ed Henry, who is apparently a bloated Ed Helms with a speech impediment, asks Big O some longwinded, rambling question about AIG bonuses and further increasing the national debt.  The president looks perplexed, then gives an equally longwinded, rambling answer.

The fun begins at the 3:50 mark when Ed Helms and his tacky candy cane tie realize that they’ve been brushed off.  He tries again to find out why the President isn’t mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.  The president gives him one hell of an answer:

I think that’s the presidential equivalent of being LuPWNed.

~ T


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