We’re In the (Imaginary) Money!

Since I’ve been a bit backed-up in my blogging, I’m going to make it up to you, dear readers, with something I know you always enjoy: me making a fool of myself.  (Be sure to watch in HQ!)

Last Saturday I was back in my ancestral homeland of Long Island.  That night, I celebrated my friend Jordan’s birthday with him and a few other notables at Dave & Buster’s.  I hit all my favorites: skee-ball, the Star Wars trilogy arcade game, and the massive multi-player trivia game.  We also found a big rig simulator that had a wonderfully obnoxious horn, and some bizarre little racing game where each player powered their racer by rolling a ball set into the console.  I slapped my palms against that thing so hard and so fast that I thought I had broken one of my fingers.  That’s what she said…?

The video above was taken after I nailed one of those “follow the light” games on the first try, and nearly 300 tickets came pouring out.  Carol and I were quite taken with our success.  We’re getting our groove on to the music emanating from the machine behind us.  Unfortunately, you can’t hear it.  Instead, I  invite you to think of a totally corny pop/dance song, and imagine that I’ve shaking my moneymaker (and my “money”) to that.  In fact, why don’t you leave the title and artist in a comment on this post?  I’m always looking for new selections from iTunes…

~ T


One thought on “We’re In the (Imaginary) Money!”

  1. I always wanted my own Star Wars Trilogy game because I TOTALLY SUCKED at it but loved the movies. It was always expensive as all hell. Who is Carol? She seems cute. HOOK IT UP BROTHA!


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