Can I Get An A(men)?

Tonight I upheld my New Year’s resolution to get more involved in my community by attending a double-bill of debate for the Jersey City Board of Education and the Ward E City Council seat.  Actually, to call it a debate would imply that it was moderated and had some semblance of order, which it didn’t.  There are half a dozen competitors in each of these races, so giving them all three minutes to respond to a question meant that a total of five questions got to be put before each panel before time was up.  Oh, and here’s an idea: if you’re going to have time limits, enforce them.  Just tossing that out there, Lady with the Obnoxious Egg Timer App on Her iPhone Who Never Said Anything Once It Rang.  Honestly…

In any event, the Board of Ed candidates were only minimally inspiring.  Lots of talk about streamlining the budget, auditing the schools, rooting out administrative corruption, blah blah blah.  Very few specific, concrete solutions to these sprawling issues were given.  Look, I’m no Secretary of Education, but if you want schools to improve, you only have to do the following:

1) Hire people who love to teach

2) Hire people who excel in using creative, new ways to teach even the most basic, rudimentary lessons

3) Equip them with whatever resources they need to execute this methodology

The video below is my Exhibit A.  I guarantee that if you sat every currently enrolled kindergartner in front of this video at the start of every day, you’d see some drastically improved SAT Verbal scores eleven years from now.

I rest my case.  Hallelujah.

~ T


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