TV Time: Coming Soon – “Glee”

I have utterly fallen off the wagon with my regular television viewing.  This seemingly indefinite mid-season hiatus has totally shattered whatever allegiances I had.  I refuse to turn Brothers & Sisters on until they get rid of that hobgoblin Ryan, the Dunder-Miflin gang hasn’t really provided any must-see laughs in a long time, and Ugly Betty‘s been gone for so long that I don’t even remember what the hell’s going on this season.

But if there is one show that’s going to get me back in the saddle, it’s this one.  Glee, from the twisted mind of Nip/Tuck‘s Ryan Murphy, is slated to premiere next fall on Fox, but the network is trying to pump up interest in the show right now.  As such, they’re going to air some kind of sneak preview next month (perhaps the pilot episode?); and in the meantime, they’re offering up the trailer that I’ve embedded below.

Why should you be excited?  Matthew Morrison.  Jane Lynch.  Journey.  Musical numbers.  Convinced yet?  Watch.

I’m hoping Glee is more Hairspray than High School Musical.  It seems like it’s got a spoonful of snark to go along with all that saccharine high school hoo-hah.  And I’m hoping it gets picked up for a full season, since I happen to know some famous faces who are scheduled to appear in future episodes.   Stay tuned…

~ T


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