Another Physical Fitness Update

Continuing my physiological self-improvement, I ran my first 5K on Sunday.  I’m happy to report that not only did I survive, but that I finished in the Top 100 of over 400 participants, with a finishing time of 27:40.  My goal was to complete the run in under 30 minutes.  I hadn’t even given thought to what place I wanted to come in, so finishing 94th was a nice surprise.

The most fun thing about the race was that it was back home in Wantagh, so I got to see a number of familiar faces from high school and the neighborhood at large.  Foolishly, I did not bring my camera, so you’ll have to take my word for it that we were all smiling and having a good time despite being saturated in our own sweat, with the unseasonably strong sun bearing down on us.

I start my final eight sessions with the unflappable Jason this week.  Now it’s game time.

~ T


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