Honestly of the Week: 5-8-09

Once again, I find my delicate sensibilities regarding the English language under seige.

“Gonna” is not a word.  Understood?  The word(s) you’re looking for are “going to”.  Here are some examples  of that phrase in use: “I’m going to the store.”  “I’m going to have crab cakes for dinner.”  “I’m going to have the next person who writes ‘gonna’ deported.”

I have seen “gonna” everywhere.  It’s in movie trailers.  It’s in printed advertisements.  It’s even in documents I get at work.  This is inexcusable.  I don’t care if you can’t be bothered to enunciate when you speak.  I’m not asking everyone to practice Shakespearean diction.  But when you express yourself in writing, you might not want to make a fool of yourself.  Do you think you’d be hired if your cover letter to a prospective employer ended with “I’m gonna call you soon to further discuss this opportunity”?  No, you’d be laughed at.  If you sent that letter to me, I’d probably call you in for an interview solely to deliver this Honestly of the Week to your face.  Slur your speech?  Fine.  Slur your writing?  Give me a break.

Notice how I didn’t use “gimme” there, either.

Honestly, people who write “gonna”.  Honestly…

~ T


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