Spring Kickball – Week 3 – How the Mighty Have Fallen

I suppose it was inevitable.  After brutalizing our opponents in Week 1 and pulling off a nail-biting win in Week 2, our squad of kickball enthusiasts finally met its match on Monday night.  We were outnumbered and outplayed, but our attitudes remained typically outsized.

From what I gathered, the final score was 6 – 2.  It felt worse than that, though.  Our opponents in white had some serious power at the plate.  This was mostly due to the fact that their team appeared to be comprised of former field hockey players and burly local volunteer firemen.  It also felt worse because our fielding was at its sloppiest.  The accumulating evening dew on the quickly overgrown fields of Momma Johnson Park (does anyone have a John Deere in Hoboken?) did nothing to help our footing (yours truly being one of many who took a tumble).  But not even the fine sheen on the ball could excuse the panic that took over our infield.  The action between the bases was as frantic as a Benny Hill skit, with the same amount of comic accuracy.

At the plate, we were not without our strength, but the White Team’s defense was simply impenetrable.  I begrudgingly acknowledge their leaping center fielder, who made many an outstanding grab, but seemed to find throwing his body to the ground a necessary finishing touch to each catch he made.  I know it was slippery out there, but come on…

In retrospect, perhaps we were doomed from the start.  After all, Spitz wasn’t on hand to make the batting order.

Next game is Tuesday.  Will the burn of defeat light our fires for victory?

Game 3 Brief

Record: 2 – 1

MVP of the Week: Rachel – On a scale of 1 to 10, her tenacity remained at an 11 for the entire game.  She never failed to be in position to make a desperately needed out at second base.  Just when our attentions were waning, she brought us back to our senses…by picking a fight with a boy on the other team.

Weekly “Not En Fuego” Award (tie): The rest of us – Sliding and slipping in the field or in the base path, bobbling the ball or having it ricochet off our chests, inadvertently kicking the ball straight to the most talented defenders, none of us gave a good showing this week.

Quote of the Game: Todd/Caleb, who is Asian, speaking of the Asian guy on the White Team – “Look at that guy.  He’s like…a ninja!”  Everyone else within earshot – “…  …  …”

~ T


One thought on “Spring Kickball – Week 3 – How the Mighty Have Fallen”

  1. i wouldn’t mind playing burly local volunteer firemen again, even if we do lose. just sayin…

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