Spring Kickball – Week 4 – Revenge

After tasting defeat for the first time this season at our last game, our valiant band reconvened at Momma Johnson Park determined to right our sinking ship.  And boy, did we.  Our opponents in navy blue didn’t know what hit them.  My teammates and I dealt out a solid spanking, shutting out the competition 14 – 0.

On first sight, the navy blue squad gave us pause.  One of their first players to show up was a particularly massive and unfriendly-looking dude.  If the rest of them are this big, I figured, we were doomed.  Fortunately, he wound up being the only mutant on the team.  With his much smaller compatriots in blue, they looked like Shrek and the Smurfs.

Batting first, we immediately starting taking Shrek and Co. to town.  We were ahead 10 – 0 by the top of the third.  Volpe and Pete had monster triples.  Spitz and Erin kept opposing pitchers guessing, alternating between tiny bunts and well-placed line drives.  Our defense was perhaps the best it’s been this season.  Towards the end of the game, we got ourselves out of quite a few bases-loaded scrapes to keep our opponents scoreless.  Todd/Caleb acquitted himself quite well during a brief stint in my usual place of right field.  I’m not worried about competition, but it’s nice to know there’s back-up if I can’t make a game.

While sucking down orange slices provided by Stacy, we shared both our excitement and disbelief.  Can we really keep this up?  Next game is tomorrow at 9:20.

Game 3 Brief

Record: 3 – 1

MVP of the Week: Jill – For never letting her spirit falter, after almost making a fantastic play at second base and being denied a run when sliding into home on a close play.

Weekly “Not En Fuego” Award: Kish – For mercilessly, mockingly, maddeningly setting a pop fly in left field, rather than simply catching it.  His bump played right into Karl’s waiting hands.  Sure, the out was made; but the rest of us felt like we had just drowned a barrel of puppies, considering at this point we already had a substantial lead on Shrek and the Smurfs.  It was the ultimate “That Guy” move, and it clearly left a sour taste in the mouths of our opponents.  I don’t think I’ve ever been part of a more quiet post-game line-up.

Quote of the Week: Stacy – “Real women bunt, Erin!”  Kish – “Real women don’t sit on the sidelines icing their kankles, Stacy!”

~ T


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