Spring Kickball – Week 5 – Unprecedented

Beating a team by more than a dozen runs is remarkable.  Beating another team by more than a dozen runs in the very next game is simply ridiculous.  But that’s exactly what we did last night at Momma Johnson Park.  With virtually our entire team present (Rookie Jeff, you’re a lost cause), we continued our outstanding season, to no greater surprise than our own.

Particularly impressive this week was our offense.  Everybody was kicking well, including Yours Truly, who got himself on base twice.  There were abundant doubles, and a few triples, too.  Placement was key, because our opponents did have some good fielders in their ranks.  And despite Stacy’s protests last week, bunting played a key role in loading the bases.

Defensively, it was a night of assists.  There were lots of recovered bobbles and bumps in the outfield (none intentional, Kish).  I pitied any opponent who ran to second base; they were almost guaranteed a body slam from Rachel, Scott, or Jill, who covered the bag ferociously.  Todd/Caleb acquitted himself well in right field when I decided to sit one inning out, while Karl did Pete proud when he ripped a line drive from the air during his time playing third.

With a final score of 14 – 2, we had taken our record to 4 -1, which may well be the best record we’ve had since we started playing this absurd game over a year ago.  According to Spitz, it’s all in the batting order.  If that’s the case, her secret skills will be put to the test next week, when we have two games!  Can you handle it?

Game 5 Brief

Record: 4 – 1

MVP of the Week: Nate – His expert pitching was the first line of our solid defense.  When he retired to the outfield, the wonders did not cease.  Nate became the only person I know to make a play in left field while playing right center.

Weekly “Not En Fuego” Award: Jenny – A self-declared recipient, Jenny went 0 – 4 at the plate, and her defense was lacking, too.  To paraphrase her own statement, every time she went to catch the ball, it bounced off her chest.

Quote of the Week: “But he only has one ball!” ~ Julia

~ T


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