Honestly of the Week: 6-06-09

I really like my neighborhood.  One of the choice things about it is that there’s plenty of open space.  In fact, a mere two blocks from my apartment is a park.  It’s not terribly big, but it’s got a lot to offer: two tennis courts, a basketball court, high-tech playgrounds for the lil’ pookas, and a tremendous gazebo/bandshell right smack dab in the center.  It may only be about two city blocks in size, but it’s perfect for the neighborhood.

Of course, it could stand for some improvement.  Those tennis courts are in pretty bad shape, and there are patches of lawn that have been reduced to lifeless dirt due to the abundant foot traffic.  So, there’s work to be done.  That’s all right.  It’s work that needs to be done.

But does it need to be done now, when the sun is shining, the skies are clear, and everyone and their Great Aunt Tilly is desperate to spend their extended daylight hours under a tree?  I’m not just talking about some seeding and repaving here.  This park is completely closed off.  There is an eight-foot high fence running the entire perimeter of the park.  Behind the chain-link fence, the park has effectively been turned inside out.  They’ve got machinery in there that looks like it belongs across the Hudson, working downtown.  They’re digging away at the guts of this park, and they’ve given no indication of when they plan to be finished.

So, let me get this staight, Department of Public Works, or whoever is in charge here: in order to make this park nicer for the community, you’re going to close it off idefinitely through the summer, so that we can enjoy it…when?  Late autumn?  Winter?  Next spring?  Give us a ballpark figure.  What units of measure are we dealing in?  Weeks?  Months?  A little clarification would be nice.

Honestly, people working on the park.  Honestly…

~ T


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