Spring Kickball – Post Season – The Tortoise and The Hare

A belated report to you from the fields at Momma Johnson Park in Hoboken.  Prior to the holiday weekend, Yours Truly and my teammates entered the post-season of spring kickball as the number one seed with a 6 – 1 regular season record.  Our semi-final match was scheduled for 8:10 on Wednesday, and if we won the championship would immediately follow.  The pressure was on.

Almost everyone was on hand, save for a vacationing Julia and the inexplicably absent Caleb.  Stacy was there in full team mom regalia, sitting along the baseline in a lawn chair with a first aid kit in her oversize purse.  I’m pleased to report that her cast was off and she should be cleared to play by the fall season.

For the semis, we faced the Black Team of Week 7 fame.  In repeat fashion, we exploded out of the gate; and, in repeat fashion, our defense slipped and we allowed our opponents to dangerously cut our lead.  We held on long enough to secure a 10 – 9 win.  It was with relief, not excitement, that we then proceeded to the finals.

Unfortunately, the ten minutes between games was not enough time for us to recoup.  We were quickly and thoroughly thrashed by the White Team, who we previously beat in a Week 2 nail-biter, but whose numbers had seemingly tripled in time for the championship.  They kicked the ball farther and harder than any team we’ve ever played, and we were simply too winded from our first game to meet the challenge.  We left the field defeated, 18 – 9.

Still, this was likely our best season yet.  We went into play-offs ranked #1 and wound up with a total record of 7 – 2.  Our margins of victory were generally tremendous, and we always had a great time.  And as for coming in second in our division, that may be a blessing in disguise.  You see, the White Team now has to move up to a tougher division, which puts us at the top of the spastic, humiliating heap that is the casual league for next season.  Will we finally taste a championship?  Time will tell once summer kickball gets underway.

Post-Season Recap


Record: 6 – 1 (regular season)

MVP of the Game: Josh – I know.  Hard to believe, but Mr. Batting Gloves had an outstanding offensive game, batting 3 – 3.  He definitely had most of the RBIs in the semis as well.

“Not En Fuego” Award of the Game: Karl – Sorry, pal, but you were a God’s honest mess out in left field.  Let’s get some practice time in before the next season, okay?


Record: 6 – 1 (regular season), 1 – 0 (post-season)

MVP of the Game: Kish – He gave his body to the game early on.  Diving onto the warning track, Kish made an outstanding catch at the expense of his delicate forearms and shins.

“Not En Fuego” Award of the Game: Yours Truly – I did not play well in the championship.  I played too deep on some plays, then too short on others.  I only made one out in right field.  I won’t even allow my nice offensive performance to balance out the dubious honor of being not en fuego in our most desperate hour.

Quote of the Post-Season: “It’s okay.  Tomorrow, no one will care…and they’ll still be douchebags.” ~ Nate

~ T


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