Your Blogmaster’s Latest Physical Fitness Update

After having hit 100 entries on the blog and taken up yet another work of non-fiction, I don’t want my lovely readers to think that I’m slacking on my other New Year’s resolutions.  I have not forgotten to exercise my body as well as my mind.

inclbenchLast week saw the end of my tutelege under the unintentionally abusive Jason.  A bit strapped for disposable income and eager to try his regiment on my own, I thanked him for the many early morning beatings and we parted ways.  So now the onus falls to me and me alone to get my ass out of bed each day and, armed with my little notebook full of patented Jason work-out wisdom, stick to the plan.

Of course, in the days since, I’ve seen Jason at the gym, working out on his own.  I have to say, it was a just a smidge awkward that first day.  Every now and then we’d find ourselves on neighboring machines, or at the same water fountain.  It was like we had broken up or something.  If I see him training someone new, I’m just not sure how I’ll react.  Sigh..time heals all wounds.

Wish me luck on Tuesday, as I will be running the Hoboken 5K!  Starting time is, mercifully, 7:00 PM.  I might just run straight home from the finish line to my apartment to catch the start of the All-Star Game.  It might be the best chance I have to watch Timmy pitch!

Maybe after the game, there will be haircuts?
Maybe after the game, there will be haircuts?

~ T


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