Summer Kickball – Week 3 – We’re A Bad Mother–Shut Your Mouth!

Your favorite perennial elementary schoolers were dealt a loss last Wednesday, when we faced off against our nemeses from last season, The Sentences.  It was a tight contest for the most part, until everyone collectively decided they wanted to show off their throwing arms.  What were intended as double plays quickly became extra bases on overthrows.  Our frustration combined with the irritating derring-do of our opponents proved to be a recipe for disaster.  The game ended 11 – 6 in their favor, but not before some of my teammates lost their tempers.

Most noticeably, Rachel appeared, having seen the “Not En Fuego” signal burning in the skies over Hoboken two weeks ago.  She was back in true form, all right; vociferously dressing down the ump (the same one from Week 2) for allowing The Sentences to bat all their boys but only field a certain amount, due to their lacking female contingent.  The most surprising display of rage came from Nate, who threw his own caution to the wind late in the game while in center right, determined to peg out a smarmy Sentences base runner who was dancing between first and second.  Nate missed and the little prick advanced.  Yet the most memorable and amusing moment of passion came when another obnoxious Sentence popped a high fly one to the infield.  As various members of my team called the ball, this guy joins the chorus, intending to throw us off.  Taking control of the situation, Kish claimed the ball, caught it delicately in his Chewbacca-like arms, and threw it–just as delicately–into the kicker’s face as he approached second.  The Sentences were not amused.  We, however, cackled like hyenas all the way back to the dugout.

Childish, to be sure; but there is a lesson to be learned here.  If you can’t beat ’em…beat ’em.

We play this Thursday night.  Can we stop the skid?  Time will tell.

Game 3 Brief

Record: 1 – 2

MVP of the Week: Joe – For the second week in a row (an Honestly Blog first), rookie Joe earns the highest honors.  He hit home runs in two consecutive at-bats, and laid out in center field to make a crucial out.

Weekly “Not En Fuego” Award: Pete – The man who had become synonymous with the MVP chants in Momma Johnson Park fell fast and far from grace last week, as he struck out at his final at-bat.  That’s right.  Pete struck out.  Mudville must have been a veritable Mardi Gras compared to Hoboken on Wednesday.

Quote of the Week:   “I get wild at night.” ~ Jenny, sharing vital information with the team, including her new roommates

~ T


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