Summer Kickball – Week 6 – Are We Having Fun Yet?

There isn’t a whole lot to say about last Thursday’s game.  Once again, we were scrounging for players, with a number of our regulars absent for good or no reason.  Once again, we played a team of insufferable twats, this time in the form of the Red Menace.  Once again, we lost.  This one was a real slaughter; something along the lines of 18 – 4.

The Red Storm took things a bit too seriously.  On kicks that would have been perfectly valuable singles, they would haul ass around first and slide head-first into second just to make the double.  Should a fly ball be caught in the outfield (a rarity this game), any other baserunners they had would dance between the bags like they were standing on hot coals.  The best moment came when Yours Truly singled to first and Josh advanced to second.  A bobble by the Red Scare infield meant Josh was safe.  The men of the Red Flash proceeded to have a seven minute pissing contest, legitimately arguing about whose fault it was that the play was blown.  I told them to lower their blood pressure.  When that didn’t work, I told them to fuck themselves.

Mercifully, there is only one week left of regular season play.  Seeing as how we won’t be going to the play-offs, we can take the time to recoup and reassess…before the fall season starts.

Game 6 Brief

Record: 1 – 5

MVP of the Week: Joe – For a third time, I award Joe the MVP honors.  Joe did his best to cover the entire outfield, and did admirably considering he was doing the work of four people.  Sadly, his superhuman abilities were not enough to turn the tide.

Weekly “Not En Fuego” Award: Yours Truly – For generally being an asshat.  I don’t mind losing, but I do mind losing to doucehbags, and I do mind losing when I personally play terribly.  My hands were like kickball kryptonite.  Nothing worked.  Adding to this frustration numerous off-the-field worries, I allowed the game to get the better of me, and by the sixth inning was behaving more or less like the people I write about each week.

Quote of the Week: “Red Team…MVP?” ~ Erin

~ T


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