The State of the Blog Address


I apologize if my output has been lacking lately.  As much as I enjoy sticking to my resolution and providing you with some digital entertainment, and providing myself with a creative outlet, some other resolutions are taking precedence lately.  Equally disappointing is the fact that I’m not really at liberty to discuss those developments with you; but I promise, when all is said and done, these projects will have yielded buckets of good material.

I’m still going to write for the blog, but postings may be a bit less frequent.  For example, I’m not going to have time to recap/review my favorite shows on a weekly basis.  Oh, I’ll be sure to comment on any major developments or to post particularly awesome scenes (i.e. great performances from Glee), but a post-per-episode committment is not one that I can make.  I’d feel worse about this if I knew that my shows are even going to be worth writing about; I lost interest in Brothers & Sisters, Ugly Betty, and The Office last spring, and if The Office‘s return last week is any indication, nobody’s doing much to restore my faith.

Perhaps the most notable absence on The Honestly Blog has been, well, the Honestlys.  I can offer no explanation for this other than to say that there just hasn’t been that much to piss me off lately.  Oh, I’m sure if I looked hard enough, I’d find plenty; but maybe this lack of psychosis isn’t such a bad thing.

There’s still plenty that I plan to write about.  I’ve got plenty of books on the shelf, a new season on Broadway is about to begin, the Yankees are looking strong for October, and there’s always more kickball to had.  So stay tuned.  There may be a slight decrease in quantity, but certainly not in quality.

~ T


One thought on “The State of the Blog Address”

  1. The fact that you watched Brothers & Sisters and Ugly Betty is more worrisome than why you can not write as often.

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