Fall Kickball – Week 2 – Cheek to Cheek

A belated write-up of a most amusing match-up.  Lucky for you, I took notes the night of the game, knowing full well I wouldn’t get a chance to recap properly until days later.

We were out in force for Week 2.  Rachel was back from her self-imposed LSAT exile, and was more fiery than usual.  The office happy hour she had come from may have had something to do with that.  Both of our aces, Scott and Spitz, were strong on the  mound.  Rookie Matt was swinging for the fences again, still equally stoic whether he booted a distant double or an easily grabbed pop-up.  We were missing Nate and Julia, who were absent for reasons unknown.  Can’t you keep your hands off each other long enough to come to Momma Johnson Park, guys?  We were also without Volpe, who ditched us to see Bruce Springsteen at the Meadowlands.  Right, like that’s never going to happen again.  Honestly…

We were graced with another rookie that night: Josh’s colleague’s boyfriend, JR. Normally, that many degrees of separation would be stretching it for me; but JR cautiously took the field and filled in for Volpe at first base and quickly, impressively proved his worth.  My favorite play came late in the game.  We were in the field.  Our opponents had runners on first and third, with two outs.  Their next batter, a petite young lass in stretch pants, tapped the ball across the infield.  Scott fielded the ball and threw to JR at first.  The runner already at first, he of the too-intense-for-our-liking variety, quickly scrambles back to first from halfway down the baseline (why, I’m not entirely sure).  In doing so, he gets around JR, but winds up pancaking his teammate.  As she lies on the ground catching her breath, and her assailant tends to her, JR stands over them, awkwardly holding the ball.  Silently, he steps over to them and carefully, delicately tags the girl.  From behind home plate, the ump calls her out.  Inning over.

I should note that JR will not be known as JR in future recaps.  While in the dugout, Pete and I decided he needed a new nickname.  He offered some suggestions of his own, and while we deliberated, Joe suddenly chimed in with, “I like Leroy,” which hadn’t even been an option.  Well, none of us were going to top that.

Yours Truly made the dangerous choice to run home from third, unforced and on one out, after one of our gals bunted.  Shifting gears more rapidly and recklessly than a Chinese student driver, I managed to outmaneuver the strong pitching arm of our frustrated opposing hurler.  In doing so, though, I apparently ran like a Chuck Jones cartoon, pumping my arms and tucking in my ass to avoid the sting of the red rubber ball.  I was too ecstatic at scoring to not join in with my teammates’ amused laughter.  It was even better when we realized that Josh runs like that all the time, whether he’s in imminent danger or not.

The best play of the game, though, came during Jenny’s first at bat.  Fully healed after her bout with pneumonia last season, Jenny swung at the first pitch as hard as she could, sending the ball screaming foul, directly into an unaware Scott’s groin.  Play ceased for a good five minutes, as we pointed and laughed at Scott as he rolled around on the ground, holding his genitals together.  Oh, he shook it off.  Eventually.

I don’t recall the final score, but we won by at least six runs.  Of course, it would have been better if we had maintained our twelve run lead, but hey, a win is a win.  Will we go three-for-three this week?

Game 2 Brief

Record: 2 – 0

MVP of the Week: Leroy – A truly impressive debut.  It was all or nothing for our intrepid newbie.  He was perfection in the field, a major presence in the line-up, and fun to have in the dugout.  Better watch out, Volpe.  Your job may be at stake.

Weekly “Not En Fuego” Award: Josh – For nagging me about when I was going to get around to writing this.  I do have other shit to do, you putz.  Or did you not read the State of the Blog address?

Quote of the Week: “Hi, my name is Rachel, and tonight I am playing the role of Ol’ Whiskey Lips.” ~ Rachel, reaching back into The Honestly Blog kickball recap archives for a true gem

~ T


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