Fall Kickball – Week 4 – Yours Truly Takes Charge

After last week’s rain-out, my intrepid teammates and I found ourselves playing on the dirt diamond of Momma Johnson Park.  We had the early shift, a 6:45 start which meant our team trickled in slowly as the first pitch neared.  This left Yours Truly, ever so punctual, to make up the batting order.  I think I got us off to a pretty good start, considering who was on hand and the league’s rules about placement of gender within the batting order.  The order completed itself, as we could only add on other players in the order of arrival.

Our opponents in brown quickly established themselves as among the tooliest we’ve ever played, solely through the actions  of their revered leader.  In the first inning, their overanxious team captain–replete in UnderArmor and knee brace–singled to left field.  The ball was thrown in to pitcher Scott, who then watched in surprise as the runner scrambled for second base.  Color us perplexed.  “Hold on, now,” said I, “Scott had the ball.”  Without missing a beat, Captain Intensity turns to me and spits, “He has to be on the mound, buddy!”

Well, consider battle lines drawn.

Flash-forward to the final inning.  We’re trailing 4 – 3, but a controversial call on a play at third has given us some breathing room.  There are runners on second and third with one out.  Yours Truly comes to the plate.  A sacrifice hit to the second baseman allows the tying run to score.  Cheers erupt from the dugout, and the few attentive passersby on the street.  Captain Intensity pulls at his hair in left field as I, in a brief moment of spiritual kinship with Alex Rodriguez, bask in my clutch heroics.

The final out came not long after, and due to time constraints the game was called.  Still, we denied Downtown Doody Brown a chance to gloat and to add a W to their record.  I view it as a moral victory.

Game time tomorrow is 7:45.

Game 4 Brief

Record: 2 – 1 – 1

MVP of the Game: Yours Truly – Goes without saying, doesn’t it?  My defense was not up to snuff, but come on.  I tied the game!

Weekly “Not En Fuego” Award: Scott – For some truly graceful leaps and jumps while attempting to field the ball.  By graceful, I mean the American Ballet Theatre at Mardi Gras.  There were just limbs everywhere.

Quote of the Week: “Oh, that was funny!” ~ The Ump, catching a snippet of our sass to one another.

~ T


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