Honestly of the Week: 1-16-10

Why is it that when you apply to a job online, among the first things they ask you to do is to upload your resume…and then they demand that you retype what amounts to essentially your entire resume in a series of “required fields” before you can finally submit your application?  I found a job to apply to and spent more time filling out page after page of these empty prompts than I did writing my tailor-made cover letter.  Is this just some kind of endurance test; to see if you have the patience to complete this ridiculous, redundant process?  Or is it some kind of idiot test; to see if you’re stupid enough to do whatever someone in a position of authority tells you?  Given that there was no way to skip to the “submit” option, I’m guessing it’s the former…which makes them the idiots.

Honestly, online job applications.  Honestly…

~ T


One thought on “Honestly of the Week: 1-16-10”

  1. i agree, i have a word document with all the descriptions ready to copy and paste from for those forms with just about the same info, but yeah apparently just looking at the file you just uploaded isn’t good enough, do they expect people to upload a document with just their name on it or a few haikus about their educational background or something?

    Also, i love when they ask for dates of employment or graduation with an exact day of the month. Do they really need to know if i started my internship on june 1st or june 3rd?

    what else bugs me about online applications, when they have drop down menus for country for a job in boston or LA, and have to find USA or united states in the bottom of a large list

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