Honestly of the Week: 1-23-10

Why is it that no matter how carefully or tightly I coil up my iPod headphones before I stick the little bastard in my pocket, when I take it out it’s tangled up like yarn that just fell afoul of a kitten?  What the hell is going on in my pocket?  Are my gloves coated with some static cling that causes the wires to writhe around like evangelicals at the latest Billy Graham crusade?  Is my phone jealous and teaching the iPod who’s boss among my limited collection of technogadgets?  I really don’t understand it.  Is this a design flaw that has yet to be addressed by Steve Jobs, despite his multiple enumerations of said device?  I’m all for progress, but before you give me a phone that does my taxes and wipes my ass, how about giving me some headphones that won’t tumble into some freakin’ Gordian knot without any provocation.

Honestly, iPod headphones.  Honestly…

~ T


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