Honestly of the Week: 3-13-10

What the hell is going on at the yogurt section of Shop Rite?  I go to the supermarket every two weeks, typically on Saturday or Sunday, usually in the early afternoon.  Every time I go, I have yogurt on my list, so I’ve got something healthier to snack on.  And every time I go, the yogurt section looks like a Sizzler buffet after a NASCAR event.  Nothing is organized; brands, flavors, and serving sizes are all mashed together like some messy, lactic orgy.  Few cups or containers are standing right side up.  Expiration dates have been smudged by the clammy, clamoring hands of earlier shoppers.  And the kicker is that the brand I personally prefer is always cleaned out.  Who knew I was on to something?  Now, I don’t mind that the toothless septuagenarians of the neighborhood have beaten me to the punch, but why isn’t anyone restocking these shelves?  They’re wheeling out rump roasts from the butcher and replenishing that new olive bar all day long.  When’s the next wave of yogurt coming?  And if you know that this particular brand is your most popular, why don’t you have more of it and less of the shitty kind?  The continued patronage and health of your customers is at stake, good sirs and madams.  I want my fucking yogurt.

Honestly, yogurt section of Shop Rite.  Honestly…

~ T


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