Honestly of the Week: 3-20-10

This week’s Honestly is a first.  It is co-authored by my good friend and fellow musical theater enthusiast, Elena, seen here on one of our many expeditions to Broadway.

What follows is a paraphrased G-Chat conversation we had that was inspired by her G-Chat status…

Elena: “Chocolate Cheerios?’

T: “I saw those at A&P!”

Elena: “Someone said they aren’t even that good.  Stores are selling out like it’s the best thing since sliced bread or the flip-flop.”

T: “Cheerios have just given up.  So much for lowering everyone’s cholesterol.  Now they’re just like, ‘Fine, fat-ass. Can’t be bothered to have some honey nut circles instead of a microwavable Jimmy Dean artery clogger?  Here’s some chocolate fucking Cheerios.  Die a little sooner.’ ”

Elena: ” ‘Dear Michele Obama, please speak to the General of Mills.  Thank you, T-Co and E-Do.’ ”

Honestly, Chocolate Cheerios.  Honestly…

~ T


One thought on “Honestly of the Week: 3-20-10”

  1. I’d like to WA that comment: As the incident in this picture inspired, it should be signed T-Co and Shoeless Doe.

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