Your Blogmaster’s Latest Physical Fitness Update

Lest you think that kickball has been my only extracurricular athletic activity, I’m happy to report that I ran my first 5K of the year on Sunday.  The annual race to raise money for spinal cord injury research, sponsored by the Testeverde Fund, is a chance to support a noble cause and see some familiar faces back in the old hometown.

My first goal was to beat last year’s time, which I’m pleased to say I did, by exactly three minutes (24:40 this time).  I have to say that I was quite surprised, because I definitely thought I was in better shape at this time last year.  Special thanks to Lea Michele and the cast of Glee for powering me through that last half-mile.

My second goal, beating my brother to the finish line, proved to be just out of my reach.  Twenty seconds out of my reach, to be precise.  After initially leaving him in the dust, out of nowhere he pulled up alongside me.  With a shit-eating grin on his face, he thundered on and never gave up the lead.  This turn of events was made all the more frustrating because he was out getting dranackled until 3 AM the night before, and was expunging some of his intake less than hour before the starting whistle.  Disheartened as I may have been, I nevertheless commended him on this outrageous display of fortitude.  Then I was sure to point out how much shorter he is than me in this photo.

Oh, and he ate a bagel almost immediately after finishing. Honestly...?

I’ve got the Hoboken 5K on my calendar for July 13.  Maybe I can convince some of the Gerberettes to join me…

~ T


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