The Dell from Hell

Greetings, readers!

For the past week, I’ve been living an early ’90s existence without a working laptop.  This has meant an obvious lack of blogging.  But, just like a secondary character on Lost, I’m back from the dead, and I’ve got stories to tell.

First and foremost, if you’re ever thinking about getting a Dell computer…don’t.  I have a Dell, and it will be my last after the circus I encountered this week.  After having my computer professionally de-bugged, I was still faced with constant freezing and crashing.  I finally called Dell tech support and they walked me through some diagnostics.  The results of those tests led the voice on the other end of the phone to believe that the guts of my computer needed to be replaced.  Hard drive, motherboard, fan, keyboard–the works.  It was the computer equivalent of a simultaneous heart, brain, and lung transplant.

I was told that the parts would be ordered next-day delivery, arriving at a technician on Tuesday morning, who would call to set up an appointment with me that afternoon.  Fine.   I took my laptop to work on Tuesday and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Finally, at 5:00 I called Dell and asked where my technician was.  No one ever showed.  No one ever called.

I was told that my request had not been processed.  “I don’t understand,” I said.  “Do you not have the proper information from me?  Are you missing something from me?”  No, I was told, they had sufficient information.  “Well, is this because the parts are not available yet?”  Oh no, I was told, the parts were always in supply.  No, my report failed to be processed because, well, they were having some trouble with their database.

Yes.  The people I had called to help me fix my computer had to call people to help fix their computer.

So, finally, on Thursday a technician arrived to perform the necessary procedure on my laptop.  The surgery was so extensive she had to come back on Friday.  It wasn’t until this weekend that I even had a moment to sit down and download some necessary programs to it.  It’s still not fully loaded, and it’s still giving me trouble (currently, it doesn’t recognize any USB devices), but at least this was all covered under my warranty, which still has six months left on it.

But here’s my question: If Dell foot the bill to put brand new innards in the body of my old laptop, will they be extending the warranty to cover those new parts?  It would make sense.  Basically, they’ve just given me a new computer, just in the body of an old one.  If I went out and bought a new one, you bet they’d offer a warranty.  So will they give me any satisfaction from keeping me out of the loop and away from my adoring public for an entire week?  I expect a follow-up phone call to gauge my response any day now.

~ T


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