Kickball Is For Lovers

And now for some news to brighten your mood on this oppressively hot Monday…

Two weekends ago, the summer camp that I attended with kickball rookies George and Amanda hosted an open house for alums to commemorate the start of the camp’s 70th summer.  Though I consider going to sleep-away camp to be the single best decision I’ve ever made in life, I wasn’t too eager to mill about the old grounds and have awkward conversations with people I haven’t seen in eight years, if not more.  I was also privy to information that suggested it’d be best if I forfeited my place in the Hudson County carpool…

As I have since been told, late in the afternoon of June 19, on the deck of the senior canteen–where our little gang wasted many a summer evening playing word games, making up songs, and talking shit about people over chipwiches– George proposed to a completely surprised Amanda.  The scoundrel said he’d had it in the works since the camp announced the reunion, and I stand in awe of his patience and thoughtfulness.

So, here’s the official Honestly Blog congratulations to two of my dearest friends.  I know few people as deserving of each other as these two and of the happiness they’ll continue to share together.

Now all I have to do is decide which Color War shirt to wear to the wedding…

~ T


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