Kickball Is For Lovers, Part II

I’d be remiss were I not to mention that Cupid’s arrows continue to strike at Momma Johnson Park.  Over the Fourth of July weekend, kickball alumni Nate and Julia got engaged in the hills overlooking Lake Ontario.  The picturesque proposal was only slightly marred by the fact that when Nate got down on one knee, like a proper gentleman, his lower leg went directly into a shallow puddle, soaking him as well as his phone.  So, I waited to post this congratulatory note until I figured ample time had passed for him to get a new one and notify all necessary parties.

So, congratulations to Nate and Julia, two of the first new friends I made when I moved to Hudson County three years ago.  They were part of the original band of Goddamnit Gerberites; and though they have since retired, we never miss an opportunity to hang with them.  They’re warm, funny, and engaging people–and among the few who have no qualms about crossing the canal into Jersey City!  Above all, they are a perfectly complimentary couple, as evidenced by their Halloween costumes from last year.

Congratulations, guys!

~ T


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