Spark(le) Notes

I hope you’re all familiar with one of the latest Web phenomenons, Second City’s recurring skit “The Sassy Gay Friend”.  If not, I ask, “What are you doing?  What, what, what are you doing?”

The premise of “The Sassy Gay Friend” is a comic examination of how some fictional characters, particularly tragic Shakespearean heroines, could have been spared their sorrow if only had they had a wise ‘mo at their side.  The series began with The Sassy Gay Friend rescuing Ophelia from the riverbank.

He went on to stage successful interventions with Desdemona, Juliet, and even Biblical Eve.  But for my money, the best installment so far has been this completely out-there rescue of the titular character from The Giving Tree, with a nice cameo from To Kill A Mockingbird.

Now, is The Sassy Gay Friend a broad and mildly offensive stereotype?  Of course.  But it is brilliant English major humor, damn it, and that is something which is in short supply in this world!  I want regular monthly installments of “The Sassy Gay Friend”.  There are countless fictional women he could rescue.  He could tell Madame Bovary to close her legs and her checking account.  He could get Alice to kick her Wonderland drug habits.  He could tell Hester Prynne to hold her head high among all the hypocritical Puritans of Beantown.  Even more promising would be a time-traveling Sassy Gay Friend.  I’d pee my pants if he told Marie Antoinette to drop the attitude, told Cleopatra to stop screwing around with Caesar and Antony, or even tried to talk Sarah Palin out of accepting John McCain’s offer.

I hope we see more of “The Sassy Gay Friend” and his menagerie of stupid bitches.

~ T


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