On the ‘Net: “Any Which Way” by Scissor Sisters

Greetings, readers.  Let’s brush off the clouds of this moody Monday with something bright and shiny!  Like the new music video for Scissor Sister’s “Any Which Way”, my favorite song off their new album, Night Work.

This video is a big improvement over the one for “Fire With Fire”.  It’s quirky, colorful, and playful.  There’s so much that I’m not sure what to make of: the pyramids of solo cups, the colored body suits, and of course the sushi cannon.  It warrants repeat viewing, but that’s fine by me.  Ana Matronic’s little monologue cracks me up each time.  I want one of those little alarm clocks and the pyromaniac birthday cake helmet that Del Marquis gets to wear.  Also, Jake Shears is ripped.  I feel like I should be doing sit-ups while I watch this.


~ T


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