Pick the Pros – Week 2

I wasn’t home much at all on Sunday, so when I sat down to tally up wins and losses, there were a number of surprises.  Least of all was the outcome of the Jets-Patriots game.  I couldn’t be happier for the Jets (even if I did bet against them).  My only disappointment is that there wasn’t some league-wide agreement that the QB of the first team to defeat the Pats would get to shave Tom Brady’s head.

There were surprises in the pool, as well.  For one thing, last week’s co-winner Danny dropped out of the competition, citing more pressing commitments.  Cindy and John won the week, with a stunning 14 out of 16.  Mark suffered for betting against his beloved Steelers.  Katie missed the deadline, but didn’t have Danny’s luck.  And who’s leading the pack overall?  My mother.

Stay tuned for another update next Tuesday!

~ T


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