Blogging Baseball with Tripp – Post-Season Predictions

Hello, baseball fans!  It’s October, and that means play-offs.  Had there been more time available to both of us, I would have asked The Honestly Blog’s resident baseball expert, Tripp, to draft a detailed post-season prospectus.  However, our mutually busy schedules prevented that.  Instead, I thought it would be fun to go back and see how Tripp’s initial predictions from back in April have held up.  The answer: surprisingly well.

Tripp’s AL Picks
East: Yankees
West: Mariners
Central: Twins
Wild Card: Boston

AL Final Standings
East: Rays
West: Rangers
Central: Twins
Wild Card: Yankees

Well, Tripp had one thing right: the Twins dominated the AL Central.  He was also right in thinking the East would be the strongest division, though that didn’t work out quite as he predicted.  As for the AL West, I can forgive him his blind hometown loyalties, even if the Mariners had the worst record in the entire American League.  You’re at .500 so far, slugger.

Tripp’s NL Picks
East: Phillies
West: Giants
Central: Cardinals
Wild Card: Brewers

NL Final Standings
East: Phillies
West: Giants
Central: Reds
Wild Card: Braves

He’s two for four again, and this time he’s much more precise!  Tripp correctly foresaw that the Phillies and Giants would win their divisions.  You can’t blame him for picking the Cardinals in the AL Central.  I mean, really, the Cincinnati Reds?  Who saw that coming?  But his wild card pick was truly a wild one.  The Brewers?  They were a distant third in a crowded field.  I wish I had known the reasoning behind that pick many months ago.

All right, so Tripp’s predictions have a 50% accuracy rate.  That’s not bad, considering how long the season is and how tight the standings can be.  I hope this verifies his status as resident expert for all you readers out there.

Tripp had also offered his predictions for the division series themselves.  When peering into his crystal baseball, he saw the Yankees defeating the Twins, and the Phillies and Giants advancing past their respective opponents.  We’ll see if Tripp can keep up his high percentages over these next few days.

What do I think will happen this post-season, you ask?  I think every one of the divisional play-offs will go four or even five games.  I’m rooting against the Rays and for the Reds.  I’m praying that Timmy is in top form so the Giants can beat the Braves.  And I think keeping A.J. Burnett off the mound this week is the first crucial step in what is going to be a long and difficult battle for the Yankees.  I’m not giving up hope of having Timmy pitch to Alex in the World Series, but I’m trying to be realistic about it, too.

On your left, a recipe for success. On your right, a recipe for disaster.

The fun starts tonight.  Enjoy it, sports fans!

~ T


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