Pick the Pros – Week 7

Another week of football, another shake-up in the Pick the Pros standings!

Congratulations to Carly, who was the week’s sole winner.  This is her second weekly win (consecutive victories, might I add).  This has placed her in a tie for second place overall with Harry.  Who’s in first?  Patrice is!  She finished second to Carly this week, but maintains an overall lead by one point.

Last week’s other winners, Tom and Cindy & John, took a big dive and are now fending off a four-way tie right behind them.  Kelly took a tumble, and Connor and Katie were both absentees this week.  It was Katie’s fourth offense, and as such she was sentenced with the away teams, which clearly hurt her in the standings.  And still surging out of the basement is Bob!

As for the news in NFL itself, the big stories were once again injuries.  Brett Favre and Tony Romo both played the part of the wounded warrior this week.  Romo’s injury was far more serious, but who knows if Favre will exacerbate his ankle with his bull-headed stubbornness.


Apparently, Big Brett shares my affinity for getting nauseous before big events

Stay tuned for next week’s Halloween special!

~ T


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