They Might Be Giants

I’m not sure you heard, but guess what?  The San Francisco Giants won the World Series!!!

While the rest of the sporting world seems to have scoffed at this series, I (and all other true fans of baseball) watched with rapt attention.  From the wild excesses of Game 1 to the stoic duel of Game 5, there was plenty to get excited about.  Here were two teams who were not expected to make it this far.  Both teams were hungering for their first* title.  And both teams were motley crews, made up of veteran players who had been cast off from other teams earlier this season and untried rookies who had only been called up recently from the minors.  (* – The Giants won in 1954, back when they played in New York)

Pablo Sandoval's supporters play their bamboo flutes in a show of solidarity

It was that unusual concoction that carried the Giants to their title.  Experienced players like Aubrey Huff and eventual World Series MVP Edgar Renteria led offensive charges with as much fire as rookies like the remarkable Buster Posey.  Ultimately, it was the Giants’ unflappable command from the mound that secured their victory.  Shut-outs from Matt Cain and Madison Bumgarner, expert finishing touches from bearded Brian Wilson, and–of course–exceptional starts from the one and only Tim Lincecum kept the Rangers down.  Not even Cliff Lee could get a W.

Renteria connects

As a fan and follower of young Timmy’s, I was particularly excited that he pitched the winning game.  Count me also among the new legion of fans of Buster Posey.  Watching him barely hold back tears of happiness while being interviewed post-game was perhaps the most adorable thing I’ve seen in weeks.

Buster. What it is right now.

Of course, this victory is bittersweet.  Baseball season is over.  Between that, the increasing darkness, and the sudden drop of temperature, it’s officially winter for Yours Truly.  Once the clocks go back on Sunday, I officially retreat into a state of moderate hibernation, throughout which I patiently count the days until spring training.  This off-season, I’ll have an extra mission to tide me over: planning a visit to San Francisco with The Honestly Blog’s official baseball correspondent, Tripp, to see the defending champs in action.  And maybe to have some beers with Timmy.

Best. Photo. Ever.

~ T


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