Blake Griffin Is Your Daddy

One of the stranger things that has happened since I started The Honestly Blog has been the extra attention I’ve paid to the world of sports.  Yes, my baptism in pinstripes predates my birth as a blogger; but thanks to the revival of the family football pool, this was the first year I ever followed the NFL week to week.  And my athletic horizons are widening still, as I find myself now waiting for NBA highlights while watching SportsCenter on the treadmill.  Yes, I followed The Decision last summer, and I’m glad for my fellow New Yorkers that the Knicks are a team to be reckoned with again; but truthfully, there’s only one reason I’m keeping an eye on professional basketball this year.

Blake Griffin.

I only first learned about the big guy as he and the Sooners battled through March Madness in 2009, and in the hub-bub that soon followed when he announced he would go pro.  For me, that was when his story got interesting.  He was drafted first overall to the worst team in the league, and managed to injure himself so badly during pre-season play that the resulting surgery sidelined him for an entire year.  Blake Griffin’s NBA debut might well have been the longest anticipated such start in recent memory.

And what a start it’s been.  He’s averaged almost 22 points a game, which when you think about it is almost a quarter of the points a professional basketball team will total in a game.  He makes two-thirds of his three-pointers.  He’s started every game.  Oh, and the guy is not afraid to take fucking charge of a situation.  Check out this highlight reel of Griffin’s ten best dunks of the year.

That’s just this year so far.  And this is the ten best, meaning there were others almost as outrageous that had to be left on the cutting room floor.  Like I said, my basketball knowledge is minimal, and my playing experience is nigh non-existent, but nevertheless, I am finding myself becoming a big fan of Blake Griffin’s.

I also happen to think he cleans up nice, too.

The Clippers are playing the Nets at home this March.  I plan to take full advantage of my proximity to the Prudential Center, and of the Nets’ low ticket prices, and see some of these vertical feats of strength myself.

~ T


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